Kyle Rourke - Redondo Beach Kettlebells and Boot Camp


I grew up in the South Bay and graduated high school in 1989. Before joining the Marine Corps in October, 1989, I played football, backpacked, rock climbed, and trained in Martial Arts. My lasted year of high school I trained regularly with weights to prepare for the challenge of Marine boot camp.

In the Marines, I learned to live a lifestyle of fitness. I ran, lifted weights, and ate healthy everyday. I achieved the rank of Corporal, earned the Expert Rifle Badge, and 300(perfect score) on the Marine Corps Fitness Test. After the Marines, I joined the Army Reserves in Hawaii as an Infantry Scout. One year later I got went back to full time and went to Fort Campbell, Kentucky joining the 101st Airborne. I stayed there till 1999, my highest rank was Sergeant. I also achieve a 300 Fitness score in the Army and Expert Marksman. 

After the military, I had two goals, to become a personal trainer and study martial arts. I started training Hapkido in January of 2001. In 2003, I took the  Aerobics and Fitness Association of America's Personal Trainer Certification. Shortly after, I started working for 24 Hour Fitness. I learned that the preferred certification at 24 Hour Fitness was National Academy of Sports Medicine. One my birthday, March 31, 2004 I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. In 2004 through 2010, I competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Hapkido. Since then, I have made spent time researching different fitness courses. I have trained in gyms, ran a beach boot camp, indoor boot camps and private training. I currently train Martial Arts everyday. I teach kettlebells, TRX, cardio circuit training, functional training, and traditional weight training. 

Current Certifications: 


IKFF Kettlebell, RKC, Clubbell, TRX, Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1, Level 2 

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