Kyle Rourke - Redondo Beach Kettlebells and Boot Camp

Boot Camp Info

Time: 6am
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Location: will be announced soon...

Why is the Redondo Beach Boot Camp Different?


I have worked in gyms as a Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor on the beach and in a Martial Arts studio. I have trained professionals with limited time to exercise, seniors, high school athletes training for athletic scholarships, husband and wives, weight loss, and those who want build strength and muscle.

All goals are great but few of us think enough about a lifetime of fitness. The best fitness programs are those that work from the 20s up through the 70s.

Here is what you can expect – better over-all health, weight loss, lean muscle gain, strength gain, healthy lower back, improved nutrition, meet new friends, improved cardiovascular health, better posture, improved flexibility and mobility.

Remember the right exercise program will help everyone.

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